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Man Killed At Olympia National Park By A Wild Goat

Here is one for the books!

Lowry & Associates has been representing the families of people who have been killed in accidents for many years, and yet here is a case which is nothing quite like any we have ever handled.

The National Park Service has been sued in U.S. District Court in Tacoma, Washington, by the family of a man who was killed in Olympia National Park by a goat.  It seems that the 63-year-old man was hiking in the park with his wife and a friend when the goat charged the man, goring him in the thigh.  The goat then stood over him, preventing anyone from coming to his aid until a park staffer was able to shoo the goat away by waving a space blanket at him.

According to the suit the Park Service failed to deal with the large aggressive male which weighed 370 pounds, about 30 per cent larger than the average male goat even though the Park Service had had many complaints before about its aggressive conduct.  The suit also alleges that the government failed to provide emergency help on a timely basis.  It took more than an hour after the attack for a Coast Guard helicopter to arrive with a medical technician, but the victim bled to death.

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