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Can You Sue A Restaurant Over Food Poisoning?

Most people understand the possibility for filing a personal injury lawsuit against an individual. However, many people don’t understand that it may also be possible to file a lawsuit against a city in certain circumstances. If you’ve been injured on city property or by a city employee, then it may be possible for you to bring a lawsuit if you have the right evidence.

Since lawsuits against a city are so complicated, it’s important that you learn more about these cases so that you can prepare properly. Discover the basics of bringing a personal injury lawsuit against a city and find out why you need the help of a Bangor personal injury lawyer.

Writing a Notice of Claim

Your very first step when filing a personal injury claim against a city will be to file a ‘notice of claim’. As its name suggests, a notice of claim is used to notify the city that you plan to file a personal injury lawsuit.

For your notice of claim to be successful, it needs to include the right information. You will need to include your name and contact details, information about where and when the accident occurred, what injuries you suffered and how much you want in damages.

It’s important to be aware that your notice of claim must be filed before the deadline outlined in your state. Although this filing deadline can vary, it is almost never longer than thirty days. If you miss the filing deadline, you will usually not be able to file a lawsuit.

The Planning Stage

After you’ve filed your notice of claim, you need to begin planning your lawsuit, which includes being able to prove four main issues. First, you must prove the city was responsible for your safety. Second, you will show that they shirked this responsibility. Third, you need to demonstrate that the city’s failure to fulfill their responsibility led to your injury. Finally, you will be required to provide proof that your injury is real.

Types of evidence that may be useful in your personal injury lawsuit include medical records, photographic evidence of the scene of your injury and witness statements. If you’re having trouble gathering evidence, consult a Bangor personal injury lawyer.


If you’re strongly considering a personal injury lawsuit against your city, you need to understand that there are certain situations where a city is immune to personal injury claims. For example, while a city is required to maintain its sidewalks, it is only responsible for accidents that take place on city property. If you slip and fall on a sidewalk in front of business, the property owner, not the city, is liable.

Also, cities are only responsible for the actions of their employees when they’re on duty. If you were in an accident involving a police car, for instance, you won’t be able to bring a lawsuit if the officers were off-duty at the time of your accident.

Hire a Bangor Personal Injury Lawyer

A lawsuit against a city can be a very complicated undertaking, which means you need advice from an experienced attorney. Get assistance with your case by hiring a Bangor personal injury lawyer from Lowry & Associates, Injury Attorneys.

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