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Car Accident Injuries That Show Up Late

If you have ever been rear-ended in a car accident, even by a vehicle moving at a fairly low speed, you probably woke up the next day with a great deal of soreness in your neck. The soreness didn’t appear right after the car accident, and your neck may not have even hurt afterwards. But the next day, or even the day after that, the sore feeling appeared.

This soreness is evidence of whiplash, a “soft tissue” injury that can show up days after an accident. But these injuries make people nervous. What if there’s an injury from your auto accident that hasn’t shown up yet, but an insurance company is pressuring you to accept their settlement terms?

Nine times out of ten, the answer is not to accept the settlement terms. Insurance companies and defense lawyers know about soft-tissue injuries, concussions, and other medical damage that may not show up right away. If they can get you to agree to a payment that doesn’t reflect medical costs they would normally be obligated to pay, they save some money at your expense.

After any car accident, even one happening at relatively low speeds, you should get examined by a medical professional no matter how you are feeling. The examination will help you document any injuries you have suffered, and will also show that you were concerned about your physical well-being after the wreck: if you delay, a claims adjuster may argue that your injuries couldn’t have been too serious.

The most important step after a car accident, of course, is to find an attorney qualified to represent your case. If you live in Maine, your best bet is the auto accident lawyers at Lowry & Associates. We have been a presence in the state for over 40 years, and have successfully represented many car accident victims in that time. To schedule a free initial consultation at our Portland or Bangor offices, call 1-800 999-5342 or complete our contact form.


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