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Personal Injury

A Close Call

In our practice representing people who have been injured in accidents we sometimes hear a client say, “I could have been killed!”

Medical Malpractice Protocols

Lawsuits for medical malpractice are always a subject of intense controversy.  Many in the health care industry, including doctors and health insurance

Overzealous Officers

Here is a case from 2010 where police officers got a bit carried away, to say the least.  It seems that after

Low-Hanging Power Lines

In a decision from February 2010, the Maine Supreme Judicial Court upheld a Superior Court judgment granting damages in the amount of $4.9 million

Medicare Fraud

We can only guess at what portion of the enormous cost of medical care in this country can be attributed to fraud,

No Recovery For Damages?

In an unusual case from 2010,  the Supreme Court of Maine has upheld a jury finding in Superior Court which resulted in

Airline Food? I’ll Pass…

Perhaps it is fortunate that domestic airlines no longer offer meals to coach class customers. In response to a Freedom of Information