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Holiday Christmas Tree Safety Tips

Christmas is meant to be the most joyous time of the year thanks to the beautiful decorations and time spent with the people you care about the most. Unfortunately, when you’re getting your home ready for Christmas, there is one threat that you may have overlooked: your Christmas tree.

Your Christmas tree is both the centerpiece of your holiday decorations and a major fire hazard. If you’re not careful with your tree, an uncontrollable blaze can erupt, potentially destroying your home and threatening the lives of your family. If you’re going to set up a tree this holiday season, you need to learn about a few effective safety tips that will prevent disaster. Here are a few simple Christmas tree safety tips to help you keep your home and family secure throughout the exciting holiday season.

Picking and Placing Your Tree

There are several factors that you need to consider when you’re trying to avoid a Christmas tree fire, but the two most important are the type of tree you are choosing and where you are placing it inside of your home.

When you’re at the lot to choose your tree, you should look for one whose needles are fresh, green and do not easily fall off when touched. After bringing your tree home, you need to place it correctly. Avoid placing your tree near any heat sources, such as next to fireplaces or over heat vents, as this can skyrocket your fire risk. Your tree should also not block any exits and needs to be watered daily to prevent the dry conditions that lead to fires.

Safely Decorating Your Tree

The only thing more exciting than purchasing your Christmas trees is covering it with decorations, and for many people, this means stringing colorful lights. While beautiful, Christmas lights can also increase your risk of a fire, especially if you do not use them correctly.

First, only buy lights that have been independently tested and are labeled accordingly. Also, follow the proper uses of your lights, as some are only for indoor use and others are reserved for outdoor purposes. Second, if the cords of your lights are worn or broken, or the light bulb connections are loose, replace the lights. Using damaged lights may result in a fire. Thirdly, and finally, always turn your lights off before going to bed and never use candles to light your tree. For extra safety, you may want to completely unplug your lights.

Disposing of Your Tree

Although many people want to make the holiday season last as long as possible, your tree needs to be disposed of very quickly after Christmas to help you stay safe. Once a Christmas tree has been cut, it will age and dry out very quickly. The older and drier the tree, the more likely it is to go up in flames. Never store your tree, even at curbside. Instead, you should contact your community about tree recycling or disposal options. You should also take down any outdoor lights immediately after the holiday, as these can also cause fires.

When Christmas Tree Safety Tips Aren’t Enough

Unfortunately, even if you carefully follow Christmas tree safety tips, it’s still possible for a fire to occur, especially if the lights that you’ve purchased are faulty. If you’ve suffered a Christmas tree injury that was caused by another, you should consider filing a personal injury suit with the help of Lowry & Associates.

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