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Overzealous Officers

Here is a case from 2010 where police officers got a bit carried away, to say the least.  It seems that after robbing a bank the perpetrator hijacked the plaintiff’s car with her and her 2-year old son still in it. When the police caught up with the car parked in a Wendy’s parking lot they fired 42 rounds into it killing the perp, but also injuring both the plaintiff and her son.

The plaintiff brought suit against the Jacksonville sheriff’s department alleging that the officers fired on the car with no regard for the safety of innocent lives and, apparently based on some history of similar actions, that the department has a “widespread practice” of shooting citizens without justification.

Most police officers act with reasonable restraint where the safety of innocent people might be in jeopardy and are subject to rigid regulations about when lethal force may be employed, but occasionally we read about a case like this which leaves us shaking our heads in disbelief.


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