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Portland Truck Accident Lawyer

When you’re in a truck accident, you may well be facing life-altering circumstances. You may no longer be able to work due to your injuries, both physical and mental. You may have damage to your relationships and quality of life. You might be suffering emotional trauma. You certainly have mounting medical costs.

It’s even worse when you try to collect damages for your injuries and you’re subject to lowball offers and bullying insurance agents who are trying to blame you for everything. When you’re in this kind of situation, you need a Portland truck accident lawyer like the Lowry & Associates Injury Attorneys.

Truck Accidents Are an Epidemic

Truck accidents are on the rise across the nation, up by 20% in the past couple of decades. This is staggering when one considers the greater awareness we have of the safety concerns of big rigs, and the new laws in place to regulate the trucking industry. Yet, even though they account for only about 3% of all motor vehicle accidents, there are over 140,000 people who are seriously injured or killed by collisions with big rigs every year.

The damages caused by truck accidents are truly catastrophic as well, due to the huge size of the trucks involved. In Maine alone, big rigs make up almost 5% of all vehicles on the roads. While that may not seem like a big number, it’s thousands of trucks on the road.

Causes of Truck Accidents

One of the reasons victims of trucking accidents have such a hard time collecting damages is that it can actually be hard to pin down what caused the accident, and in turn, who to hold responsible. Unlike a car accident, it’s not always as easy as one driver or the other. For example, even if the driver of the truck was distracted, tired, inexperienced or intoxicated and made a bad decision, the trucking company can often be held liable.

This is true even if the truck driver was an independent contractor. The law states that any time a truck bears a company’s name, either on the vehicle itself or on the operations placard inside the truck, the company can be held responsible for the actions of the driver.

What about other causes? If the truck crashes due to a mechanical failure, it could be because of a faulty part, which means the parts manufacturer could be responsible. It could also be that the maintenance crew didn’t thoroughly inspect the vehicle, making them liable.

Suppose the cargo shifts and throws the truck off balance. This can be because the loading or shipping company didn’t properly balance and secure it.

Why You Need a Portland Truck Accident Lawyer

As you can see, these cases can get complex very fast. It gets worse when the various potentially responsible parties start arguing about who is at fault. Inevitably, they’ll turn on you, the victim, claiming that you’re not really hurt or that you caused the accident.

You need someone like Lowry & Associates Injury Attorneys in your corner. We are the Portland truck accident lawyer who can help you fight these non-payment tactics, protect your rights, and get you the full compensation you deserve. We offer free consultations and you’ll never owe us anything unless we win your case. You can reach us at 207-775-3819 or by filling out our online case evaluation form.


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