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Running Out Of Gas

Running out of gas can be an inconvenience, but it also can present a risk of being in a car crash.

The manufacturers of motor vehicles have a responsibility to make their products as safe as possible, and this includes avoiding misleading drivers by installing gauges which are inaccurate.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration initiated an investigation of 865,000 GM sports utility vehicles for faulty gas gauges which can indicate a level of gasoline which is more that actually exists in the gas tank.  This action followed 668 complaints, including 58 which resulted in a stall because the fuel gauge readings indicated more fuel than what was actually in the tank.  One complaint alleged that this occurred on an interstate exit ramp and that the stalled car was rear-ended.

Another similar investigation is being made of a fuel tank problem on Ford F-150 pickup trucks.  The steel straps holding up the tank can rust and break causing a fuel spill and fire.

When injuries happen in a car wreck the job of the attorney is often to look beyond the obvious to determine responsibility for the crash.  A seemingly unimportant defect in a product may be a contributing cause for an injury or even a death.


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