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Spit In The Face

A person who is the object of a repulsive or disgusting act or situation is often understandably and justifiably outraged, but this may not translate into a recovery in court.

As personal injury lawyers in Maine we see cases such as this from time to time and generally there is little that can be done to quell the anger which many people feel when victimized by this sort of event.  I am reminded of a prospective client who came to us following an incident in which she discovered a dead mouse in a soda bottle after she had already taken a drink from the bottle.  This caused her to experience revulsion, disgust and nausea, but she did not require medical treatment, nor did she experience any lasting physical or mental effects.  A jury would no doubt share her outrage, but there is really no basis here for awarding significant money damages.

A woman in Chicago recently filed a suit against McDonald’s claiming that an employee of the restaurant spit in her face following an altercation over her order.  She claimed that she suffered injury, embarrassment and humiliation, but how, or if, this will convert into money recovery remains to be seen.


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