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Top Ways To Avoid Phone Distractions While Driving

Cell phones and smartphones are one of the most common sources of driver distraction, which can lead to a serious auto accident. With promising pings, rings and other noises, the notification that a friend or colleague is trying to communicate with you can be too enticing to resist. To help you avoid the temptation, the National Safety Council offers the following tips:

  • Turn your cell phone off or set it to silent when you get behind the wheel
  • Put your phone out of reach and out of sight, such as in the backseat, the glove box or the trunk
  • Before you start driving, set up your navigation and a music playlist so you don’t have to adjust either of those things while driving
  • If you are expecting a really important call, set a unique ringtone and pull over in a safe spot to take the call
  • If a person knows you’ll be driving, ask them not to call or text you for the duration of your drive

You can read the NSC’s full list of tips here.
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