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When Is A Property Owner Liable For Slip & Fall?

Many people who seek the services of a Bangor premises liability attorney do so because they are uncertain whether a property owner can be held responsible for injuries occurring on that property. Slip and fall cases are notoriously difficult to predict, as the decisions can come down to a single interpretation of certain legal phrases.

In Maine, if you slip on some spilled liquid while on a property and injure yourself, the owner of the property may be liable, provided that one of the following is true:

  • The owner spilled the liquid
  • The owner knew about the spilled liquid and did nothing about it
  • The liquid was there for long enough that a “reasonable person” would have known about it

These rules can also apply to a lessee or other person who is legally responsible for maintenance and upkeep of the property. But these scenarios can be difficult to prove, particularly the last one, which depends on how the court chooses to define the actions of a “reasonable person.” This is why you need a lawyer on your side who has experience in slip and fall lawsuits, and knows how to present a case in a way that improves your chances of getting a favorable ruling.

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