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Who Will Pay For My Medical Bills After I’m Injured In An Accident?

Immediately after suffering an unexpected physical injury, the ramifications of that injury begin to pile up. One of the most expensive outcomes of any type of accident can be your medical bills. Costly medical treatment can easily result from:

From the moment you ride in the ambulance to the emergency room and then throughout your recovery period, you will be incurring medical expenses. So who will pay for these bills, you may wonder. That depends on a number of factors, including the type of accident, state laws, your insurance coverage and the insurance coverage of the person who caused the incident.

If the personal injury incident was not your fault, why should you be on the hook for an injury you did not cause? Why is the other person’s insurance company not paying your bills?  Why should your insurance company pay anything if you were not at fault? These issues can sometimes be tricky. The other person’s insurance company will want to pay as little as possible and it can get very confusing. The good news is that there are clear laws and rules that determine who pays for what. In the end, the laws and rules usually put the responsibility of paying the bills on whoever is at fault for the incident. If you have a personal injury claim there are many possible ways to get your bills paid or delayed until they can get paid. You may also be able to get paid for your lost earnings, pain and suffering. Because the details of the incident and the insurance situation can be different in each case, the only way to know how this will work for you is to consult our experienced law team.

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