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Wrongful Death In An Auto Accident

Losing a loved one in an auto accident is a tragedy that happens all too frequently. In America, around 30,000 people are killed in automotive wrecks every year. If a family member of yours has died in an auto accident, their estate can sue the parties responsible for their death, a process that is much more effective with the help of an experienced Maine wrongful death lawyer.

Liability varies in wrongful death cases, but several people may bear some responsibility for the death of your loved one, including:

  • The driver at fault in the automobile crash
  • The driver’s employer (if the other vehicle was a commercial vehicle)
  • The governing body responsible for placing warning signs on the road
  • The people or business who served alcohol to the driver (if the driver was intoxicated)
  • The manufacturer of defective vehicle parts that caused the crash

In a wrongful death civil suit following an auto accident, you have to prove that several things are true: First, that the defendant had a “duty of care” that makes them responsible for following the rules of the road (or employment laws, or design and manufacturing regulations, or alcohol-service laws); second, that the defendant breached those rules; and third, that this breach led to the wrongful death of the deceased.

If you believe that the estate of your family member or loved one has a potential wrongful death suit against someone, bring it to the wrongful death attorneys at Lowry & Associates. Our long experience representing many car accident and wrongful death victims, which has led to many successful outcomes, can be a major asset for your case. Contact us by calling 1-800 999-5342. Lowry & Associates has offices in Bangor and South Portland, and serves clients everywhere in the state of Maine.


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