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Our Maine Car Accident Lawyers Explain the Hands-Free Law

On Sept. 19, Maine will become one of the many states that have banned holding a phone while driving. Texting while driving was previously banned in the Pine Tree State, however, city officials resolved to ban the holding of phones altogether. Enforcing the law against texting while driving proved to be too difficult.

According to Driver Knowledge, one in five crashes are caused by distracted driving. The Governor’s Highway Safety Association hopes to decrease those numbers in our community.

If you have been injured in a car wreck caused by a distracted driver, you may need the help of a Maine car accident lawyer. Navigating through recovering your losses after an accident can be difficult and stressful. Our attorneys at Lowry & Associates are experienced personal injury attorneys ready to walk with you through this difficult time.

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Why Governor Janet Mills Passed This Law

Driver Knowledge stated driving while using a cellphone reduces the amount of brain activity used for driving by 37 percent. Additionally, the average time it takes to look at a message on a phone is 4.6 seconds. At 55 mph, 4.6 seconds is the amount of time it takes to cross the entire length of a football field.

Distracted driving fatalities and injuries are extremely frequent. They are even more upsetting when one considers how preventable they are. Simply putting your phone on silent, or putting it in the glove compartment could save your life!

Governor Mills approved this law to protect the local communities from distracted driving accidents and fatalities. News Center Maine reported local law enforcement supports the new law as it is easy to enforce.

What is the Hands-Free Law?

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When this law goes into effect, violators will face a $50 fine if caught holding a cell phone while driving. Repeat offenders will be required to pay a $250 fine. If you can’t drive without your favorite Pandora playlist streaming through your stereo, you may be wondering if you’ll be able to hit next on that playlist without receiving a fine.

Under the new law, you will have to pull over if you need to use your phone, and stopping at a red light does not count as pulling over.

If you need to accept a call, hit next, or turn an application on or off, you may do so using one swift motion. The law aims to prohibit drivers from holding a phone or mobile device entirely, however, we dove into it even further so our Pine Tree State locals can be informed.

Starting Sept. 19, While Driving, You Can No Longer: 

  • Hold a phone or mobile device
  • Write or send any sort of message
  • Read any sort of messages
  • Watch or record any videos on a mobile phone or device
  • Reach for a phone by getting out of your seat or removing your seatbelt

What You Can Do Instead

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For those who use their phones every day even while driving, this may be a big life adjustment. We understand our vacationland locals may even forget about the new law until it’s too late. The following are ways you and your loved ones can be proactive and use your phones without breaking the law:

  • Mount your phone on the window, console, or dashboard of your vehicle.
  • Use Bluetooth devices like car kits and earpieces.
  • Enable auto-reply messages on your phone while you’re driving. This will let your loved ones know you will get back to them when you reach your destination.

What if Other Motorists Ignore The New Law?

While most people will work hard to abide by this new law, there will always be those who choose to defy laws and regulations. Driver Knowledge states, 40 percent of all American teens have admitted to being in a car when the driver used a mobile device, putting the passengers in danger. If you were injured in a collision caused by a driver using his/her phone, you may benefit from the help of a Maine car accident lawyer.

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