a man calling a car accident lawyer after an accident in Bangor, ME

If you were injured in a car wreck, you may be wondering, “Should I get a lawyer for a car accident that wasn’t my fault?” Attorneys exist to protect your rights. Car accident lawyers exist to help you seek the money you’re entitled to after being injured in a crash.

Read on to learn if your unique circumstances could be improved with the help of an experienced Bangor, ME, car accident attorney.

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Leave the Insurance Adjuster to Your Attorney

an insurance adjuster evaluating a claim after an accident in Bangor, MERight after your accident, you will likely be contacted by an adjuster who has the difficult job of trying to get you what you need while saving their company money. Because of this, they may offer you less than you really deserve for your losses.

If you sign this offer, you might lose your rights to get full compensation. However, refusing their offer can create further issues for you to navigate. You won’t have to talk to them anymore after you hire an experienced Bangor, ME, car wreck lawyer to represent you. Your attorney will step up and work with the insurance adjuster to protect your rights.

Building and Filing a Case Is Difficult and Time-Consuming

Another reason having an auto accident lawyer in your corner is a good idea is that your attorney will know how to build and file your case. You will need to avoid critical mistakes, make sure all your paperwork is in order, and file within a certain, specific window of time called a statute of limitations. Your accident attorney can make sure this happens so you don’t lose your right to file a case.

Accident lawyers also know how to build a case to ensure you have the best chance to get the full compensation you deserve. This includes being able to prove a legal concept called negligence, which is going to be the heart and soul of your lawsuit and essential to winning the compensation you deserve.

What Is Negligence?

a woman being negligent while driving in Bangor, MENegligence refers to three important facts that you will need to prove in order to get compensation in your case. The first of these facts is that the other driver had a duty to behave in a reasonable and responsible way and that they completely failed in this duty. The second fact is that their careless behavior led directly to the accident happening. The third fact is that the accident was the reason you got hurt.

If this seems easy, it’s not. Maine car accident lawsuits are also affected by modified comparative negligence. This means if you’re at fault at all, your settlement can be reduced by the percentage of responsibility you had. If the case is worth $10,000 and you’re 10% responsible, you will only get $9,000. If you’re more than 49% at fault, you may not be able to seek anything at all. That’s why it’s important to have a lawyer on your side who can help you prove your innocence and fight for the compensation you deserve.

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If you’ve been injured in a car accident and you’re wondering, “Should I get a lawyer for a car accident that wasn’t my fault?”, the answer is yes. There are many complex factors that go into winning a car accident settlement. If you want the best chance at receiving the maximum amount of money for your losses, you need the help of experienced car accident lawyers, like those at Lowry & Associates. We’ll be able to take care of everything on your behalf and prepare a strong argument for why you deserve maximum compensation. Call us at 207-775-3819 or use our easy online form to get your free case review today, and get the help you need in seeking the compensation you deserve.