We understand how overwhelming and confusing it may be to face injuries from an accident that someone else caused. You’re not alone, and you have a right to seek compensation for all of the injuries and losses resulting from the accident.

But, when you’re suffering from the pain of your injuries, unable to work during your recovery, and watching those medical bills continue to stack up, you may feel hopeless that you will ever get the fair compensation you deserve. Rather than try to navigate the legal system and worry about mistakes in your injury case, our team at Lowry & Associate is here to help make the process as easy and low stress as possible. Some injury cases can take months to settle, but when you work with an experienced legal team who knows how to build a strong case and advocate on your behalf with the insurance adjuster, you will have your best chance at securing a settlement as timely as possible.

Keep reading to hear our lead attorney at Lowry & Associates, Attorney James Beardsley, explain how he and his team use their experience, understanding, and best practices to approach every case:

Attorney James Beardsley:
Every case is really different and unique. And so much of the timeline depends on what your injuries are, how long you are going to need to have medical treatment, how badly you were injured. There are a lot of things that go into how long a case takes, but that’s the primary factor. Then after that, when we’re dealing with the insurance company, most of the time we’re able to resolve cases dealing directly with the insurance company. Sometimes cases do have to go to court. That can make things take longer, but when you hire us, your lawyer will talk with you specifically about your case, and tell you those factors that will go into determining how long it’ll take to resolve your case.

Don’t undergo a personal injury case alone, and don’t settle for less than you deserve. Get on the phone with Lowry & Associates, or fill out our online form, today to get your case reviewed at absolutely no cost.