One of the most frustrating aspects of suffering an injury from an accident someone else caused is facing the many losses that were out of your control. You shouldn’t have to pay when someone’s reckless acts have affected your ability to carry on life as usual. You’re protected by the law and have a right to compensation for the injuries, financial losses, and suffering you have faced.

The question our law office often hears is, “How do I sue the person who caused my injuries?” The reality is, you don’t even have to sue someone to receive a fair settlement for your losses. Most injury cases can be settled before reaching the courtroom, especially when you have an experienced personal injury attorney working on your case and advocating for the compensation you deserve.

Hear it from our experienced leading attorney himself! Attorney James Beardsley weighs in on what to expect from your injury case based on his two decades of legal experience.

Attorney James Beardsley:
A lot of people are under the misconception that you have to sue someone if you’re in an accident. The vast, vast majority of cases that we handle get resolved without even having to start the court process. A lawyer can really make the process easier for you, so you can focus on what’s important to you.

One of the things that we determine when you call in and talk to us is whether we can make a difference for you in your case. We won’t take cases unless we think we can make you better off as a result of you hiring our law firm. And that’s important to us because ultimately what really matters, in the end, is how much money you get in your pocket and how good of a medical recovery you make after your accident.

Don’t lose out on the compensation you legally deserve. Our team of personal injury attorneys will look over your case at no cost to you and can build out the strongest case possible to get you the settlement you deserve. When you work with Lowry & Associates, you’re working with the power of an experienced injury law firm that has a history of settling cases out of court for individuals like you. Avoid the courtroom and ensure that your rights are protected by contacting us for your free case review.