One of the most tragic, damaging and, unfortunately, common forms of personal injury results from the use of defective products. Every year people suffer horrible trauma due to defective products, causing them to struggle to make ends meet and trying to find some way to pay for expensive medical bills. If you’ve been injured because of a faulty product, you may be entitled to compensation, which is why you need to learn about product liability claims.

Learn the basic facts about product liability lawsuits and find out why you need help winning your case from an experienced personal injury lawyer.

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Products with a Bad Design

There are several different ways that a person could have grounds for a product liability lawsuit, but the most common type of product liability case has to do with a product that was poorly designed. A design flaw means an entire product line is unsafe and has the potential to cause a serious injury. If you’ve ever had a car that has experienced a model wide recall, then you already have some basic idea about products with a major design flaw.

In these cases, you will need to prove that the product that injured you was defectively designed and that the manufacturer did not do their due diligence in attempting to protect the public from their faulty product.

Poorly Manufactured Product

Another way that you could be injured because of a defective product is due to improper manufacturing. In product liability claims involving manufacturing defects, a limited number of products has the potential to cause injury instead of the entire product line. For instance, there have been cases where a small amount of medicine has been manufactured with an incorrect ingredient, causing that particular batch to work incorrectly or resulting in harm.

Similar to cases involving a poor design, in personal injury suits involving manufacturing errors you will need to demonstrate that the producer new about the manufacturing flaw and then did not put forth the effort necessary to prevent injuries from occurring.

Not Receiving Instructions or Safety Warnings

Certain products are inherently unsafe and can cause injuries very easily if they are used improperly. A good example of this would be toxic paints or heavy machinery that requires careful use. For risky products such as these, a manufacturer is required to provide a safety warning so that consumers are aware of the risk, and if no safety warning is present and you’ve suffered an injury, then you may be eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit.

The crucial factor in winning a case involving a lack of a safety warning is being able to prove that your injury was not caused by user error and that the manufacturer did not adequately prepare you for the associated risks of using their product.

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