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Three Things Motorcyclists Have To Watch Out For

Every year, many motorcyclists find themselves in accidents through no fault of their own. The small size and sensitive handling of motorcycles create an exhilarating ride, but it also requires you to pay extra careful attention to the road. The Maine motorcycle accident lawyers at Lowry & Associates have made a short list of three potential dangers every motorcyclist must keep an eye out for.

Cars That Don’t See You

Most car drivers are used to looking out for objects on the road that are car-sized or bigger. It’s easy for them to overlook something smaller like a motorcycle, especially if it’s in their blind spot. Stay out of blind spots as much as possible, and always be aware of what the cars around you are doing.

Adverse Road Conditions

Gravel or oil slicks on the road can dangerously reduce the grip your motorcycle has on the road, especially on sharp turns. You should also watch out for road conditions in which:

  • The street is covered with water/snow
  • The traffic lanes are slightly different heights
  • Joints on a bridge leave a small gap in the road
  • There are many wild animals wandering across the road
  • Roads are under construction or have been rerouted

If conditions get too difficult for you to navigate at an acceptable speed in your motorcycle, you may wish to look for an alternate route, or a place where you can wait out any inclement weather.

Debris or Other Objects on Road

Often your greatest danger will consist of the things you least expect. Dodging a piece of debris that on the road or swerving to avoid some cargo that has fallen off the back of the trunk are two maneuvers that carry a great deal of risk, especially if you are near other vehicles.

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