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Smartphone Apps That Help After A Car Accident

It’s rarely a good idea to use your smartphone while driving. Using a cell phone to text or search the web behind the wheel of your car is banned in Maine, and any sort of cell phone use is banned for drivers with a learner’s permit or intermediate license. However, if you have just been in a car accident, your smartphone may have several tools to help you file a claim.

Obviously, your first concern in any car accident is checking to make sure that everyone is okay and there are no life-threatening injuries. Once you’re sure there are no medical emergencies, your next priority should be to exchange insurance and contact information with the other driver, and gather evidence of the accident for your insurance claim. But after the stressful, heart-pounding experience of a car accident, many people forget these secondary steps.

This is where your smartphone can be a big help. Most insurance companies have their own apps that you can use if you’ve been in a car accident. These make it much easier to prove a car insurance claim, and can help strengthen your case if a claims adjuster tries to lowball you.

With most of these smartphone apps, you can:

  • File a claim with your insurance company
  • Provide your insurance info to the other driver
  • Record the other driver’s insurance info
  • Record the location and details of the accident
  • Upload photos of the damage to support your claim
  • Ask for roadside assistance if your car is badly damaged
  • Speak with an insurance agent

Visit your insurance company’s website to find out if they have a smartphone app that does these. Also, remember that an insurance adjuster’s first offer is not the only offer you’re going to get if you have the right evidence and good legal representation.

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